Sunday, October 2, 2011

why do I leave it to long between posts.

Well you might be saying why is this women taking so long between post if you can tell me let me know. My life is so busy what with 3 days of chemo every 2 weeks and working full time at high school. Two of my sons have moved back home one lost is job and the outer one graduated  in May and has still not been able to find a job had lots of interviews but to many applying for each job.My youngest Amy she  has an internship at a local a program for young adults with special needs the program trains them in different departments so the when the are finished it will help them to get a job. so even thought she is still in high school she has a placement at the hospital until the end of the school year.So far she is doing well. My chemo seems to be going well don't know how many more treatments.  I have done the minimum of 6 this time so we will keep an eye on the cancer marker and see how it goes. will try and keep every one more up dated. have a great Sunday