Sunday, October 2, 2011

why do I leave it to long between posts.

Well you might be saying why is this women taking so long between post if you can tell me let me know. My life is so busy what with 3 days of chemo every 2 weeks and working full time at high school. Two of my sons have moved back home one lost is job and the outer one graduated  in May and has still not been able to find a job had lots of interviews but to many applying for each job.My youngest Amy she  has an internship at a local a program for young adults with special needs the program trains them in different departments so the when the are finished it will help them to get a job. so even thought she is still in high school she has a placement at the hospital until the end of the school year.So far she is doing well. My chemo seems to be going well don't know how many more treatments.  I have done the minimum of 6 this time so we will keep an eye on the cancer marker and see how it goes. will try and keep every one more up dated. have a great Sunday

Monday, June 27, 2011

On my way to England to visit my dad for 2 weeks and then to London for a few days. Going to see Lion king and then do the Harrods bus tour and afternoon tea. I am so excited.

Friday, June 10, 2011

chemo update

When i had my blood work done this week my white blood count had gone up and I was able to have chemo this morning. So I am spending the day at the hospital, Please pray for me that I don't feel so sick this time.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well once again my white blood count is to low to have chemo this weekend, going to see my Dr on Monday and we will see what she has to say. This happed  before and I had to have shots for 3 days to kick start my white blood cells to wake up. Every one have a great weekend.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good news

Was ment to have chemo this weekend but my white count was to low so going to give my body a week to get its act together and see if they can give me chemo next weekend. When my blood results came back my cancer marker had gone from 48 to 16 so that shows the chemo is working. Thanks for all the Prayers they are working.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Once again it has been a long time.

It has been a long time in between blogs even though I go on Blogger everyday to see what everyone is up to.
I am back on chemo again the cancer marker in my blood started to go up again so after a cat scan that did not show anything was going on with my liver I decided with the help of my Dr to do another round of chemo, This has been for some reason harder than the last time or have I just forgot, I am feeling sick a lot of the time and have had to take time off work which I do not like to do as it gives me to much time to think. I have been able to take a trip to Florida to see My youngest son graduate. Well done John. We had a great week in Florida saw lots of friends we had not seen in years. I have a trip booked to go and see my Dad in England at the end of June so I will take some time off from the chemo so I can do that. I am taking my youngest daughter with me and I have tickets to see The Lion King in London while we are there. most of the time we will be visiting my dad who lives about 4 hours from London . Will try and post more.